Comedy, music and chat spilled from a British brain into your ears.

London' favourite imaginary news magazine show is back with all the usual nonsense news and comedy features. Reports on goats, biology of athletes, a new religion, emergency services, a new public holiday and Passive Aggressive Boxing. Adverts for recycling and a new martial art. A  bit of chat about a couple of gigs, a couple of one noise movie reviews and a chat about dachshunds.

music from

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A time for a few chores and a trip to the shop. Adverts for curry, a virtual experience and a PPI call.

Music by

Small Dinosaurs - Laundry

The Astronauts - Getting Things Done (on LaVidaEsUnMus)

Tex Napalm and Dimi Dero - Temptation (on Spooky Records)

Absent Minded Professors - Flushed

Popes of Chillitown - OPOOM

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Catching up on four years of news since the last podcast. Plus adverts for a new watch, chips and a financial service. A bit of chat too, that literally rocks.


Music by

The Minor Leagues – Good Boys

Top Buzzer – Wake Up Call

Cling – Walk On Thin Ice

WASI – Superhero

Emergency Bitter – Sometimes


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A Halloween trip looking at how horror movie titles might not be scary. A new horror movie and a horror risk assessment. Plus a bit of chat about stuff including Netfix.

Music from Mevio

Gregg Annussek - In The Movie
Heavenly - Dig Your Own Grave
Agnostic-Phibes Rhythm and Blood Conspiracy - Franz Wolfman 
Pendulum - The Toasters


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Hyde Pod Corner #57 - Halloween! Classic Monsters

A quick Halloween look at Vampires, Werewolves and Frankenstein, with a touch of zombie chat thrown in for good measure.

Music from Mevio

The Eisenhowers - Mr and Mrs Frankenstein
Aloud - Sometimes I Feel Like A Vampire
Rusty Springfield - Werewolf
Jambalaya Brass Band - Voodoo Queen

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Hyde Pod Corner #56 - National Anthems, and Which is the Best?

A light hearted look at a few national anthems, taking them apart and looking at what they say about their country. Also adverts for free power and knowledge.

Music from

DreadDaze - Running Around the World
mydols - Roller Derby Queen
E. Grizzly - Anthem to the entrepenuer
Bill Grogans Goat - South Australia
Johnny Socko - Spa

with clips of

O Canada - Danny Fong, Brodie Cuff, David Thiessen, Andrew Kesler
The Star Spangled Banner - Bree Noble

Please sponsor Robert Payne's 100 sparring rounds in support of UK Cancer Research. Click here.

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Hyde Pod Corner #55 – the Hallowismas Comeback Special

Back after a two year break! That's two Xmas's and two Halloween's to catch up on. Find out how to really stop zombies, a George Washington Xmas, Horror choreography and a Pagan Xmas sitcom. That and a good load of chat (it's been ages!)

Some of the music

Emergency Bitter - Wake Up
Zombie Met Girl - Basement New Party Psychosis
Mind Map That - please don't wish me a merry Christmas
Izzie Voodoo – Killers
Juan Oskar - Cumbia de Tannenbaum/O Xmas Tree
We Grow Beards - Conchies
Erica Nockalls – It's Killer, Darling

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Hyde Pod Corner #54 - The Search for Mat

Podcaster Mat Hyde has gone missing, so Cecil Sasqbwatch hires the greatest detectives to find him again. Where has he gone? Why have there been no podcasts? A mystery to be solved. Plus some chat about this and that.

Music from

The Crash Moderns - Where Did All The Scene Girls Go (
The Mome Raths - I get lost
Mark Christopher  - Searching
Circus Envy - Going Nowhere
The Sharmills - Dreamy Escapades
Blues in the Bardo - Lost Ghost

JC Cassis - Everybody's Crazy in New York

3 Blind Mice - Jack & Billy

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Hyde Pod Corner #53 - Guide to Commuting (part 2)

More tips for getting around the capital, with a strong sense of sarcasm, skepticism and a certain amount of pluck and gumption. This time I look art buses, boats, the DLR and whatever else grabs my fancy. Also adverts for a great guide book, a chauffeur opportunity, get to work for a sandwich, and Travel Buddy!

Music from Mevio's

Tris McCall - The Night Bus

Charlie Hartwell - What Happens of the Bus, Stays on the Bus    

Cybster DJ - Tube    

KunK - Public Image Ltd

Brassneck - Too Much, Too Drunk    

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Hyde Pod Corner #52 - Guide to Commuting (part 1)

The Hyde Pod's top tips for getting around the capital, with thoughts about coffee, picking seats on a train, the rules of escalators, and upping you chances of getting a seat on a tube. Also adverts for hybrid cars, a quicker way to commute, a new home and getting more room when you travel.

music from mevio's

East Of Ealing - Last train to Dublin

Colie Brice - Guided by Voices

Monkeyshine - Ride the Crazy Train

Bettye LaVette - Let Me Down Easy

Emergency Bitter - Sold My Soul (demo)

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Hyde Pod Corner #51 - Little Slices of Happiness

Looking at the little things that brighten your day for a moment or two, including a pelican crossing, coffee and the Blur barrier. Also adverts for running mash ups and a new phone.

music from

Los Campesinos - My Year in Lists

Pocketful Of Camels - Eyes Wide Open

adrienne pierce - One Perfect Day

Blaggards  - Irish Rover

The Naked Strangers - Throw It All Away Now

Unsung National Heroes - What Neil and Sarah Said

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Hyde Pod Xmas 5

A last minute Xmas rush. A shop for a festive computer game and a look at what's on the tree, plus plenty of chat about Winter Wonderland, snow and Tron Legacy.

music from

Modern Science - Funky Xmas
Gidgets Ga-Ga - Christmas Wish
Lee Harris and Country Sunshine - Are You Ready for Christmas?
The Rev Jimmie Bratcher  - Man Its Christmas
Munk - Just Stockings On

with a little of A Fistful of We Three Kings by The High Balls

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Hyde Pod Corner #49 - Steven Seagal IS...

A cavalcade of facts and unfacts about the man who IS... Steven Seagal. Even a bit of chat about nothing in particualr.

Music from

Elvis - These New Puritans
Im in Love with a Navajo Boy - Lunar Drive
How's It Gonna End - Tom Waits
Coz I'm Kahsay - Kahsay
Stab City - As Tall As Lions

PLUS back ground music from Aardvark

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Hyde Pod Corner #48 - Halloween Special - Bananageddon and Other Terrifying True Stories

Halloween again and I'm throwing a few fact based fears your way, along with some top tunes, a couple of which are really long. Some chat as well about hellish art and Tron Legacy.

Music from


plus advert music by 2006 Pl@stic Soul

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Hyde Pod Corner #47 - Better Or Worse Than It Sounds

Let's calibrate and check out a few things that are a lot better, or a lot worse than they sound like they should be. I check out mail order toys, travel a bit, eat this and that and let you know about a few movies. There's even a bit of chat about the Steig Larsson books.

music from

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Hyde Pod Corner #46 - In the 21st Century

After being blown off course my podcast wakes up in the 21st Century! I learn about life in this new age! Plus plenty of chat including reviews of Predators, The Last Airbender and Inception.

music from

Friendly Fires - Paris
Munroe (formerly Urban Spacelab) - Nightmare Boy
Coltrane Motion - Supersexy '67
Science Groove - Hooray for NMR spectroscopy!
Rilo Kiley - Science vs Romance

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Hyde Pod Corner #45 - Democracy

Democracy by phone vote. The nation decides it's own laws without the need of government. A skewed view on politics from the Hyde Pod. A bit of chat which includes a review of Iron Man 2.

Music from

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Hyde Pod Corner # 44 - Food!

Concentrating on tasty food covering how to cook, celebrity chefs, likes and dislikes, the language of food and uninvited food with adverts to enhance your flavour, get more veg and even a scientific approach to eating. Extended chat/rant about Avatar and Alice in Wonderland.

Music from

xtt - CookieMonster

Funkspiel - Dead Bunnies

The Alice Project - BIG FISH

4 and 20 blackbirds - Song of Sixpence

Brooklyn Poodles - Raisins

Catgut - A girl in a pub


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Hyde Pod Corner # 43 - A Team to Save the World

Which actors do we need to defend the earth? Teaming up with my friend Rav to select a team of movie stars with a pedigree in saving the world. We go disaster by disaster to hand pick our perfect defense team.

Music from and Pola Negri

The Aggrolites - Mister Misery
Invisigoth - A Beautiful Disaster
Matchbook Romance  - You Can Run, But We' ll Find You
LPG - Fire
Pola Negri - The Planets



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Hyde Pod Corner # 42 - Talking Out Of My Hat

Talking on subjects without the benefit of knowledge. An uneducated ramble about cars, make up and sport. There's even an advert for wigs.

Chat includes a bit about the Dr Who Xmas specials and a little movie moan.


Music from and the Minor Leagues


Lokata - I dont believe there's snow in London

Minor Leagues - Until then

Make Up - Born on the Floor

Caribou - Sandy

Cellophane Rain - Orchid



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Hyde Pod Xmas 4 Another festive mouthful of comedy, music and chat from the Hyde Pod. Adverts for a new point of sale device, Christmas Wreckorations and Yule Logs plus two special guests, one of whom is real! Chat about Carter USM, Regina Spektor, a film review of Where the Wild Things Are, birthdays and Christmas. A Christmas stocking of a podcast filled to the brim.

music from and Low by permission of the band and management.

Goldblade featuring Poly Styrene - City Of Christmas Ghosts
Lorenzo's Music - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Low - Just Like Christmas
A Band Called Quinn - Its Christmas Time
Twisted Sister - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Plus lots of bits for Irregular Shed's beds, most notably his own 'shitty Jingle Bells'

Direct download: Hyde_Pod_Xmas_4.mp3
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Hyde Pod Corner # 40 - Hell's Review Yes it's late. More Halloweenery from the Hyde Pod. A bit of Anne Rice, a management review in Hell, Teenage vampire and a roundup of Horror's final scores. Chat including a review of Mesrine: Public Enemy Number 1, drinks and Morrissey.

Music from and Pola Negri

Los Griswolds - Im In Hell
High Lord - Back From Hell
Pola Negri - My Blood
Emit - Stereo Love (now Larches)
Manic Street Preachers - Autumn Song

Direct download: HPC40_-_Hells_Review.mp3
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Hyde Pod Corner #39 - London III Comedy and music all about what's happening in London, in my mind. News, dangers to DJs, the joys af anarchy, the next big thing in music and a sports round up. Adverts for newspapers, , a s cience magazine and shop for those who don't know what they want. We Are London!

All music from

the Bridge Gang - London Sky Tonight demo
Stepford Wives - Crikey! Dickie Van Dikey
Bari Koral - One Room Castle
Krill - Pass the Pepper
Matthew Ebel - Trees

and I mention kalfooey and comicimpact.

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Hyde Pod Corner #38 - Wheat is Whurder A mystery of crop circles and adverts for food and drink, it’s all happening in very short show that really isn’t. Chat about Transformers, Disneyland, Sumit’s Wedding, a devil worshipper, a dead giraffe and Ben and Jerry’s Sundae in the Park. Simply brimming with stuff.

Music from

Munk - Got it Real (with the Feel).
Jonathan Coulton - Bacteria
REDSKA - non stare ad ascoltare
Antique Curtains - My Western Holiday
Los Campesinos - We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives

Direct download: HPC38_-_Wheat_is_Whurder.mp3
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Hyde Pod Corner #37 - TV Channel hopping through the magic of television with a few comedy sketches amidst the wonderment.

Plenty of chat about wildlife, bands and running. Life huh?

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Tim Armstrong - Hold On
Rotoscope  - Watershed
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Cutie Pie
Bold Headed Broadcast Ted Stevens techno remix - Tubes
Pola Negri (Vegetables At Last) - If You Say So
from Formula on

along with a few snippets of There's Nothing on TV by Squishy

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Hyde Pod Corner #36 - This 'n That A jumble of stuff from the Hyde Pod, celebrity directors in TV, Weepnow Entertainment and film reviews for Wolverine and Star Trek. There’s even a chat about all the busy, gigs, running and life. It’s all go.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Uncrowned – Queen of  New York
Amber Ojeda  - Hype Love
Tiger Lillies - Love and War
Alan Cowsill - Storm Damage.
los campesinos – This is How You Spell HaHaHa We Destroyed the Hopes and Dreams of a Generation of Faux Romantics, on

and I mention Simon from Comic Impact

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Hyde Pod Corner #35 - Past the Tell By Date Some jokes have missed the time they should have been told. They’re past the tell by date. Well they’re coming back. Here’s a full century of semi-satire and things that might have been funny at the time. Hopefully a few still raise a smile. A decade-by-decade trip through the 20th Century with a couple of giggles along the way and the usual music and chat finish. This lot of chat includes reviews of Let The Right One in and In The Loop.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Aphrodisiacs - The hour is late but please consider.
Green Room - Spy Beats
Fire Apes - Tuesday’s fine.
AjT - Magic GB Jazz
Lascivious Biddies - Odd Bird
Bangguru – Wanna Dance

and Antique Curtains - My Western Holiday

Direct download: HPC35_-_Past_the_Tell_By_Date.mp3
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Hyde Pod Corner #34 - Fight! The answer to the ultimate question: who is the greatest martial arts fighter ever from the beginning of time!

Scientifically proven in imaginary fights both set and judged by my old friend Rob and me. There can be only one! I also do a quick Watchmen review.


All Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Yoko Utsumi - Neji
Disciples of Panic Earth - Newtons 3rd
Boo Boo Davis - Standing In The Cottonfiels
lo-fez beagle chowder(Chris Payne)- Not About Bob
The Undercover Hippy - The soul waits
son of the beat - hell-o-moto-rola

and I mention the Watchmen review that I'm part of at Comic Impact

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Hyde Pod Corner #33 - Alpine Adventure Downhill holiday action with plenty of vacation chat. Adverts for a holiday away from yourself, the ultimate in après ski, the perfect slope and ski holidays for non skiers. It’s all good.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

The Shapes - Bordeaux.
Fran Betlyon - Oh-La-la.
the Parlotones  - Beautiful
subimage - hardwire.
DJ Dax Vs Born 2 B - The Return of the Boogie (DJ controlled weirdness dirty break mix)

Direct download: HPC33_-_Alpine_Adventure.mp3
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Hyde Pod Corner # 32 - UnWrapped Podcasting into 2009 and enjoying some new Xmas prezzies, including a Tarantino album and a translation dictionary. I even have a moan about sad movies and do a massive epilogue about stuff, including contacting aliens, of all things.

los campesinos - Death to Los Campesinos, on
Drag Your Heels - Chase You
Alan Cowsill - Falling For You and you can contact him at
The Pepper Box - Lily’s Dress
Erika Jayne - Rollercoaster

Some music from the podsafe music network

And me playing Uke badly and singing the wrong words out of tune is on Youtube

and I mention

Direct download: HPC32_-_Unwrapped.mp3
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Hyde Pod Xmas 3 A bit of festive fun with a Christmas poem and a newsflash. Jolly good stuff with lots of music and chat about gigs and the X-Factor. And I only swear once (I think) but it’s a good one. Merry Xmas, one and all.

Music from the podsafe music network.

The Priscillas -  One ChristmasWish
Oppenheimer - Christmas /Baby Please Come Home/
The Savage Nomads - Christmas Shopping
Jonathon Couton – Chiron Beta Prime

Direct download: Hyde_Pod_Xmas_3.mp3
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Hyde Pod Corner # 30 - Doctor Who 45th Anniversary Special Doing my bit for the 45th anniversary of the first broadcast of British Sci-Fi serial Doctor Who. A little background, a bit about sci-fi, lots of Doctors and even why it's not like Star Trek. Also a Quantum of Solace review. Comedy, chat and music. Beat that!

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

The Dials - Dead Beat
Momo-J - Smoke Filling Car
Nortec Collective - Tijuana Sound Machine
Minor Leagues - Scene It All Before
Abdoujaparov - Emergency Medical Hologram
Jonathon Coulton - I Crush Everything

Direct download: HPC30_-_Dr_Who_45th_Anniversary_Special.mp3
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Hyde Pod Corner #29 - Halloween Stephen King Special Spooking it up for Halloween with a Stephen King theme. A trailer for a great new King movie classic, book publishing, Castle Rock Realtors and a trip to a cemetery. Plenty of chat and  plenty of good music (with a little bad music).

Music from the Podsafe Music Netowork.

Black Velvet Elvis  - Fly King Funky
British Sea Power  - No Lucifer
Heavenly  - Me and My Madness
45 King - Pyramid, the Sammy Bananas Remix
Mat Hyde  - You Want to Get Out of Here?

and I mention Chris' Juice Feast over at

Direct download: HPC29_-_Halloween_Stephen_King_Special.mp3
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HPC Yaflookey Special The team up most people didn't know they were waiting for. Hyde Pod Corner meets Kaflooey in an explosion of dithering babble, giggling fits and the occasional burst of expletives, in a good way. Plus a little culture, an American announcement and an advert for smellies. All good stuff.

with music from

Parlour Steps - Thieves of Memory
Orca - fjullini standa uti
Subtronics - Bushwhacked
I am Three - Burning me.
Yoshida Brothers - Overland blues
Bloc Party - The Prayer

Some of which are from the Podsafe Music Network

And we mention Clever Little Pod, the BagsAndBoardsPodcast, Digital Planet, This Week in Tech, Comicology and Rogic.

Direct download: Hyde_Pod_Kaflooey_Special.mp3
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Hyde Pod Corner #27 - Olympics More podcastery, this time all about the Olympic Games, including how to spot tomorrow’s stars, the best ever Olympians, how to improve the Games, a bit of genuine commentary and even a couple for adverts for exercise and weight gain/loss.

Massive amount of chat covering The Dark Knight, Get Loaded in the Park, the American Presidential candidates and the Nike Human race. It’s over 25 minutes of banter so you may want to bring a bottle of water.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Curiosity Shop - She’s got my darts
Marine Research - Glamour Gap
Panda Kopanda - Ocean of Fire
Blue Meanies - Acceleration 5000
The Bright Side - Going Green

Direct download: HPC27_-_Olympics.mp3
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Hyde Pod Corner #26 - Ketchup Back at last and playing ketchup. Chat about Silent Disco, the Midlands, Latitude Festival and a movie round up. There’s even an advert for the scariest movie of all time, possibly.

Izzie Voodoo - Play Bomb
Little Glitches - 1,2,3
Morhpeena - I Wasn't Born This Irritated
Heads Hearts - We Are The Entertainers
Alkaline Trio - Trouble Breathing ( on )

Direct download: HPC26_-_Ketchup.mp3
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Hyde Pod Corner #25 - Modern Fears A little chat on a few modern fears, a trip to get a burger, ads for a new album of divas and a fishing magazine. Sounds hot huh?

Also a mega epilogue. 25 minutes including the Telectroscope, an Incredible Hulk review, a catch up on MySpace and a bit more.

Music by

Benni & the Clemsons - Hymn for Rizlas
Subliminal Girls - Self Obsession is an art form,
Greg McDonald - Dead Man's Hand.
Abdoujaparov - Fish Face
The Helmholtz Resonators - LaLa

plus I mention
Big Strides
Jerk Alert
Caffeine Kill
The Eisenhowers
Little Glitches
Buck Brothers

And Simon's new comics podcast and blog

Direct download: HPC25_-_Modern_Fears.mp3
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Hyde Pod Corner # 24 - Movie Round Up A movie review show for a change. Catching up on Iron Man, Doomsday, Speed Racer and Indiana Jones.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Electric Lady Dancer - Electrobuddah
I Love the Way We Fall Apart - Led Man
Drug Racer - Buddard
Cleansing Cut and Scrape - Short Round
apart from
Ragbag Song - Penny Broadhurst
which came via Steve and last FM

clips of Iron Man by Rahzel

Direct download: HPC_24_-_Movie_Round_Up.mp3
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Hyde Pod Corner # 23 - Dumb A show about things I don't understand. Things I just don't get. About me being dumb. Plus adverts for banking and hair.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Electric Love - Reactor
Nerve Pixies - James Consterdine
Cryptozoology - Gravity Horse
Nurses for Sale - Jerk Alert
Holes - Emit

Direct download: Mat_Hyde_-_01_-_Hyde_Pod_Corner_23_-_Dumb.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:42pm EST

Hyde Pod Corner #22 - Snowcast, Runcast, Movecast We're back. All you'd ever need to know about snowboarding, distance running and moving house. Apart from any details of course. Or if you'd like to learn anything. With adverts for Sat Nav, safe children  and Vocal Therapy, Italian rock music and Mat Hyde's Amateur Guide to Snowboarding.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Fresh Snow in the Valley - Derek K Miller
Let’s get Nice - Big Strides
Marathon - Loving the Sun
Moving Stuff - Open Trench
Trendsetter la la la - love = action

Direct download: Mat_Hyde_-_01_-_HPC_22_-_Snowcast_Runcast_Movecast.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:06pm EST

Hyde Pod Corner #21 - SMUT A risque one. Slightly more piquante than usual. More smut. With adverts for a guide to love making and a way to earn extra cash along with a lovely childrens story, some nature TV and the return of an old favourite or two. Even a couple of movie reviews in the chatty bit.

Music from the podsafe music network

48 Crushes - Eve Massacre
Booty Voodo - Lee Coulter
Stir Your Pot - Carey Bell at Alligator Records
Girl on TV - Bradley
Skullcrusher Mountain - Jonathan Coulton

and I mention Craig Jack's podcast and Simon

Direct download: Mat_Hyde_-_01_-_HPC_21_-_Smut.mp3
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Hyde Pod Corner #20 - King Tut's January Sale Back in action shopping and more than you ever wanted to know about Tutankhamen. Even a bit of hypnotism.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Egypt Sample - Arkenhaten.
A Sign In Egypt - Messian Dread
Far Away from Near - Minus Vince
Big Balloon - Ezra Thomas
Dance Like a Cowboy - cjacks

and I mention James' podcast The North South Divide

Direct download: Mat_Hyde_-_01_-_HPC20-King_Tuts_January_Sale.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:43am EST

Hyde Pod Corner #19 - Hyde Pod Xmas 2 A slightly sweary audio Christmas card for the festive season. A bit of chat and a few funny bits. A trip to the farmers market, an advert for perfume and a vist from 3 ghosts. Merry Xmas.

Music from the podsafe music network.

Craig Cardiff - Country Road Christmas
Bubble - Christmas Here on Mars
Mindy Smith - Santa Will Find You

Direct download: Mat_Hyde_-_01_-_HYde_Pod_Corner_19_-_Hyde_Pod_Xmas_2.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:00pm EST

Hyde Pod Corner #18 - Sponsored by Quanzise A sponsored show with a nice little Spice Girls album in it.

All music from the podsafe music network

Never Gonna Taste Like That Again - Parallax Project
Salt - Deidre Rodman
Red Carpet - Fern
Song to be me - asleep.
God Damn You're Beautiful - Delphinium Blue

Direct download: HPC18.mp3
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HydePod Corner #17 - Halloween Lovecraft Special Halloween Lovecraft Special. A big chunk of HP Lovecraft inspired comedy in with other stuff. A bit of the Doctor, Listen with Cthulhu, a taste from space, Saw, crystal terror, geometry, Maze of Terror and a full tonne of chat.

Thanks to Sumit for theramin on the the tase from space and Jack for his Dalek impression.

Music from the podsafe music network.
Learn to Die – magnifier
Footsteps - All myfaults
Just Run – Ben Base
I wanna be you – Salt Lick Kitty
Familiar Taste of Blood - Rachel Kann

And I mention Simon’s podcast over at

Direct download: Mat_Hyde_-_01_-_HPC17-_Halloween_Lovecraft_Special.mp3
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Hyde Pod Corner #16 - London II My first sequel. Part 2 of show 6. We Are London brings you tourist news, ancient cooking, restaurant reviews and science all from the Capital of the country formerly known as Great.

Music from the podsafe music network
Night Bus – Tris McCall
Sweetest Nectar – Punam Vermer
Things That Make You Happy – The Eisenhowers
Scientist Girl – The North Atlantic
Sloop – Cybster DJ

Direct download: Mat_Hyde_-_01_-_HPC16_-_London_II.mp3
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Hyde Pod Corner #15- Dear Diary A little catch up of goings on in the Hyde Pod. Including experimental jazz, air racing, Transformers, Prince, Dali, Sweden and fishing. It's all go.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network
Gray Hills – Radio Orphans
Just go out with me - Justin Winokur
Moongate - Captain T
Spa - Johnny Socko (on Asian Man Records)
Preaching to Stones live - Broken Sleep
overexposed - the Parlotones
Belly Roller coaster - LPG

Direct download: HPC-Show15.mp3
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I got reviewed on the Podfinder UK video cast.
"This show really is a breath of fresh air as it provides you with some genuine laughs and some genuine entertainment."

Hurray! They liked it! Rawk!
Category:general -- posted at: 4:34am EST

Hyde Pod Corner #14- Busy, Busy, Busy Life gets busy again. Drinking, socialising and a big slice of life. Adverts for Alchemyohol and holidays you won't forget. Plus a little taste of what this show wasn't with the American Revolution. Plus plenty of chat and even a film review.

PLUS... your new favourite song.

most of the music from the podsafe music network

After Touch - Eye to
Cade - Kiss me I’m falling
Greendome n Sheck - Living in Dreams
Al Phillip and the Woo Team - American Gothic Life
Polysics - Married to a Frenchman (on Asian Man Records)

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Hyde Pod Corner#13 - Star Wars, an indulgence My little Star Wars 30th anniversary piece. A recap for those unfamiliar, Star Wars music, a Lost Soundtrack (recorded over a year ago, blimey) and whats happening on Endor. Plus more.

Music from the podsafe music network
Spun Rivals - Coffee breath
Catgut - Badger Girl
My Toys Like Me - All over my face
Red Light Go - Funny little dance
BETR - Nicks Dust

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Hyde Pod Corner Show #12 - The Genius of Hank Shelley No one can have a musical conversation without the name Hank Shelley popping up within the first 2 minutes. We salute his genius.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network
And I go on about my mate Jane's blog

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Hyde Pod Corner Show #11 - The Olden Days Broadcasting Live from a recording in the olden days of history in times past. A good man is on trial, dress like a pirate, news at mizzen and a trailer for a unique crime fighting duo.

music from the podsafe music network

The Ragged Crow - Dust Rhinos
Fast Reels - Joe O'Conner
Tears - Marie Crehan
Bach Prelude to Suite 1 - Cello Journey
Molecular Love - The General and Duchess Collins

plus a thanks to Rob and Sumit for helping out.

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Hyde Pod Corner Show #10 - Piles of Boxes Surrounded by boxes full of stuff. Music, movies, books, toys and monsters. Whatever next?

music from the podsafe music network

Spiral Stairs - How To Kill Giant Vampire Mutants (Cpt.)
A Love Like Pi - I am a Soldier
Jamie Affolk -English Garden
Big Strides - Strangely Inclined
The Undercover Hippy - People say jazz

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Hyde Pod Corner Show #9 - Fidgety Too much going on. Tricky to keep your mind on one thing. A comedy heavy show.

music from the podsafe music network

caffeine kill - Sonic
The Eisenhowers - and consequently
Infrabuse - Guns Save Lives
The Parlotones - Louder than bombs
akatsuki - We Must Burgle

and I mention the AndyCast 'cos I think it's good

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Hyde Pod Corner Show #8 - White Rabbits Happy New 2007. Plenty of music with slices of comedy. Get your booze from Alchemyohol, Spare a thought for those less fortunate, Leonardo built my shed and Cecil Sasqbuatch is the name you can trust. So there.

music from the podsafe music network

Hot Wigs - Feeling Little
Izzie Voodoo featuring MOA - Nouchiflow
Talulah Gosh - Steaming Train
Cling - Slipping Away Of the Darkness ReMix
Curiosity Shop - It Helps to Keep the Rain Off
The Real Estate Agents - Octave by Octave

and Cecil Sasqbuatch first appeared in a sketch I did for the kaflooey podcast

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Hyde Pod Christmas An audio Christmas Card with a few gags and the odd tune (in both senses). Merry Christmas!

music from the podsafe music network

American Heartbreak - The Greatest Xmas Song Ever Written
Geoff Smith - Some Christmas Huggin and Kissin
3 Blind Mice - Watchstar

with a mention for Chris' podcast at

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Hyde Pod Corner Show #6 - London Comedy from and about the Big Smoke. London! All the spoofy news and events from the capital

music from the Podsafe Music Network

Buck Brothers - Girls, Skirts, Boots, Bikes
The Shakes - Liberty Jones
MSFF - Arnos grove
Racine - I'm Freaking Out (Racine on myspace)
Seven-Sided Star - Soap Box

and check out my mate Chris' podshow Kaflooey
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Hyde Pod Corner Show #5 - Halloween Show 5. Diary of a Chicken Farmer, an original horror story.*

Please note that it IS a horror story and is in turns horrific, absurd and disturbing. If you don't want to hear such things don't listen to it.

Plus Little Tommy Cruise, more of That Mystery Dog Cartoon, City of Werewolves and a review of an Emit gig. Over 50 minutes of 'somthing'.

music from the Podsafe Music Network
Emit - Gum
Imaginitis - Vampire Lullaby
Spider &  I - Travelling Lost
Strapping Young Lad - Devour
EnduringPain - Lullably
Micronaut - Ioncannon

and thanks to Amber for allowing me to use her chicken photos

*any similarity between anyone living or dead and the characters in this story is coincidental, which is more than can be said for the sketches.
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Hyde Pod Corner Show #4 - The Science and Philosphy of Cher Show 4- Competative Aussie goes to the village fete, adverts for free language CDs in magazines and my guest professor tells us of the science and philosophy of Cher.

music (from the podsafe music network)
Red Planet - 'Heather Jones'
Funkspiel - 'Matthau'
Emit - 'Siberia' (emit on myspace)
Neurotica - 'Potato Face'

ps. Emit got back to me. Next gig 18th October. Check their site.
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Hyde Pod Corner Show #3 - British Empire Pictures

Show 3. Casino card counting, guilt free meat, British Empire Pictures remaking movies for a more British palette, Little Tommy Cruise finds 'That Mystery Dog Cartoon' and more besides. Quite a bit more this time. Mostly chatty stuff.

music (from the podsafe music network)
MSFF - 'Mr Grimbaldiston'
Casino Royal - 'Accountants Colleague'
Slow Gherkin - 'Trapped Like Rats In Myers Flats'
Lunar Drive - 'All Eyes Were Stones'
deferred sucess - 'Lifes too fast'

and I didn't play
Apocalypse Dowell - 'Kyle Dragon Ash'

and I talked about the band Emit again.

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Hyde Pod Corner Show #2 - Victorian Leg Transplants Show 2. All the fun of the fair, dancing for everyone, insurance needs, Victorian Leg Transplants, police appeal and more. Not much more. That just about covered it, but a bit more. And good music. Of course.

music (from the podsafe music network)
Alessio Zara - 'BABABLUETANGO'
Emit - 'Argument Amnesiac'
Judith Owen - 'Train Out of Hollywood' featuring Keb M
Inkwell - 'Just Take The Monkey and Leave'
Jim Fidler -'A Pair Of Brown Eyes'
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Hyde Pod Corner Show #1 - Secret Origin

Mat Hyde's first podshow. The fantastic adventures of just getting to your first show and the people you meet on the way. Little Tommy, Jeb and Billy-Bob, plus the secret origin of how the show came about.

music (from the podsafe music network)
Miss Sad UK - Bird
Real Ones - Bratislava
Rilo Kiley - The Execution of All Things
Haemostatic Picnic Races - Tinitin Chinstrap
Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros - Coma Girl

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