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HPC Yaflookey Special The team up most people didn't know they were waiting for. Hyde Pod Corner meets Kaflooey in an explosion of dithering babble, giggling fits and the occasional burst of expletives, in a good way. Plus a little culture, an American announcement and an advert for smellies. All good stuff.

with music from

Parlour Steps - Thieves of Memory
Orca - fjullini standa uti
Subtronics - Bushwhacked
I am Three - Burning me.
Yoshida Brothers - Overland blues
Bloc Party - The Prayer

Some of which are from the Podsafe Music Network

And we mention Clever Little Pod, the BagsAndBoardsPodcast, Digital Planet, This Week in Tech, Comicology and Rogic.

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  • I believe the islands you guys were failing to identify were the Faroe Islands; a semi-autonomous state of Denmark, in effect, and nothing to do with Finland. Besides, Finnish words are full of the letter \"k\" for some reason. Tch. Research! Faroe Islanders eat a lot of whale meat and there\'s a deeply unpleasant annual slaughter where the beaches are left covered in blood... That concludes all I know of the Faroe Islands. Cheerio!

    posted by: Irregular Shed on 2008-09-26 12:30:00

  • Cheers. I guessed it wasn\'t Finland at the time seeing as Finland is a long way from the North Sea, but as I had no better answer I thought I\'d let it run. Thanks for that. :) And I hope you enjoyed the show.

    posted by: Mat on 2008-09-26 12:39:00

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