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Hyde Pod Corner #15- Dear Diary A little catch up of goings on in the Hyde Pod. Including experimental jazz, air racing, Transformers, Prince, Dali, Sweden and fishing. It's all go.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network
Gray Hills – Radio Orphans
Just go out with me - Justin Winokur
Moongate - Captain T
Spa - Johnny Socko (on Asian Man Records)
Preaching to Stones live - Broken Sleep
overexposed - the Parlotones
Belly Roller coaster - LPG

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  • T - I\\\'d forgotten the naked guy. I guess my mind was elsewhere. As for the Prince sketch, I\\\'m sure I\\\'ll find a way to make you forgive me. Raymond - Thanks for the news of the new tracks. They sound great. Sumit - \\\"Kher-Khah-Khuh-Khunhkh\\\" Radio Orphans - Thank you for the great tune. I love it. Chris - Cheers. The jazz sketch does seem to be going down well. The review was most unexpected. I guess they got it from the BritCast feed. I\\\'m looking forward to your next show to hear how you\\\'re settling in. :)

    posted by: Mat Hyde on 2007-09-27 09:04:00

  • Jazz sketch was funny...but was surpassed by the paisley pastiche at the end. Classic!

    posted by: Mr Neurotica on 2007-09-28 13:09:00

  • Cheers Mr Neuro. I\'m glad you enjoyed it. As usual the sketches with music always seem like a good idea and always take too long to do. It\'s good when they\'re appreciated. Thanks. :)

    posted by: Mat Hyde on 2007-10-01 11:16:00

  • Hi there Scottish band The Eisenhowers have posted three new acoustic numbers for our friends in the podcasting world. You will find the songs at: The three new podsafe tracks are: Asleep at the Wheel Originally recorded by Gum for their 2003 ‘Low-flying Kites’ album, this acoustic version retains some of the original condemnatory tone befitting a piece of character assassination. As usual, the names have been left out to protect the guilty. South of Love A jaunty little number that pokes fun at the guy who leaves the office party with a swagger in his step, believing his big aftershave aroma to be rather more impressive than it actually is. You’d probably want to avoid this guy ... unless you are this guy. Anyway, listen out for a modest little nod to The Beatles at the end. The things that make you happy The dying words of a self-made millionaire, the man of action who would rather be damned than face the consequences of his various dodgy dealings. He has an aphorism for every occasion, but his nursery rhyme pearls of wisdom betray a heart of darkness. Hope you enjoy them.

    posted by: Raymond on 2007-09-24 12:00:00

  • how do you spell (transforming noise)?

    posted by: uncle mr the on 2007-09-25 12:43:00

  • Thank you for playing our tune Gray Hills! We appreciate the support.

    posted by: Radio Orphans on 2007-09-26 13:10:00

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