Comedy, music and chat spilled from a British brain into your ears.
Hyde Pod Corner #16 - London II My first sequel. Part 2 of show 6. We Are London brings you tourist news, ancient cooking, restaurant reviews and science all from the Capital of the country formerly known as Great.

Music from the podsafe music network
Night Bus – Tris McCall
Sweetest Nectar – Punam Vermer
Things That Make You Happy – The Eisenhowers
Scientist Girl – The North Atlantic
Sloop – Cybster DJ

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  • Your show rocks! You Rock!

    posted by: Cybster DJ on 2007-12-16 18:27:00

  • No. You rock! That\'s why I played your track. :) I\'m really glad you liked the show. Cheers.

    posted by: Mat Hyde on 2007-12-17 05:16:00

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