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HydePod Corner #17 - Halloween Lovecraft Special Halloween Lovecraft Special. A big chunk of HP Lovecraft inspired comedy in with other stuff. A bit of the Doctor, Listen with Cthulhu, a taste from space, Saw, crystal terror, geometry, Maze of Terror and a full tonne of chat.

Thanks to Sumit for theramin on the the tase from space and Jack for his Dalek impression.

Music from the podsafe music network.
Learn to Die – magnifier
Footsteps - All myfaults
Just Run – Ben Base
I wanna be you – Salt Lick Kitty
Familiar Taste of Blood - Rachel Kann

And I mention Simon’s podcast over at

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  • Cheers Falk. Love the track. Steve. I\\\'m really glad you enjoyed it. :)

    posted by: Mat on 2007-10-30 12:24:00

  • thanks for playing my track!

    posted by: rachel kann on 2007-11-05 00:39:00

  • Cheers Rachel. I loved playing it. :)

    posted by: Mat on 2007-11-06 07:19:00

  • Hey, thanks for playing All:My:Faults in your podcast.

    posted by: Falk on 2007-10-30 05:39:00

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