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Hyde Pod Corner #34 - Fight! The answer to the ultimate question: who is the greatest martial arts fighter ever from the beginning of time!

Scientifically proven in imaginary fights both set and judged by my old friend Rob and me. There can be only one! I also do a quick Watchmen review.


All Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Yoko Utsumi - Neji
Disciples of Panic Earth - Newtons 3rd
Boo Boo Davis - Standing In The Cottonfiels
lo-fez beagle chowder(Chris Payne)- Not About Bob
The Undercover Hippy - The soul waits
son of the beat - hell-o-moto-rola

and I mention the Watchmen review that I'm part of at Comic Impact

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  • The computer challenge was more of an exhibition fight. Way Of The Exploding Fist, cool. Yie Ar Kung Fu, Wow. :) And Rob, Karate Champ.

    posted by: Mat on 2009-04-01 02:37:00

  • May I introduce my friend\'s website?

    posted by: Irregular Shed on 2009-04-03 04:58:00

  • Can\'t believe in the games part you neglected to consider two true greats from computer games. Where\'s Way Of The Exploding Fist? And stronger than that, where\'s IK+?

    posted by: Irregular Shed on 2009-03-31 09:19:00

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