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Hyde Pod Corner # 42 - Talking Out Of My Hat

Talking on subjects without the benefit of knowledge. An uneducated ramble about cars, make up and sport. There's even an advert for wigs.

Chat includes a bit about the Dr Who Xmas specials and a little movie moan.


Music from and the Minor Leagues


Lokata - I dont believe there's snow in London

Minor Leagues - Until then

Make Up - Born on the Floor

Caribou - Sandy

Cellophane Rain - Orchid



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  • You know everything there is to know about cars. You could get a licence with your knowledge. But, I\'m putting on my nerd hat... *flop* and correcting you regarding the number of actors to play the Doctor. There\'s also Peter Cushing from the rather splendid Dalek films out of the sixties, for one, and also the guy who was the first Doctor in the 1980s mega-episode The Five Doctors. So, although Dai Ten is The Tenth Doctor, he\'s not the tenth person to play the Doctor professionally. Nerd hat off... *polf*

    posted by: Irregular Shed on 2010-02-01 10:36:00

  • Dork. =)

    posted by: Irregular Shed on 2010-02-02 08:28:00

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