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Hyde Pod Corner Show #1 - Secret Origin

Mat Hyde's first podshow. The fantastic adventures of just getting to your first show and the people you meet on the way. Little Tommy, Jeb and Billy-Bob, plus the secret origin of how the show came about.

music (from the podsafe music network)
Miss Sad UK - Bird
Real Ones - Bratislava
Rilo Kiley - The Execution of All Things
Haemostatic Picnic Races - Tinitin Chinstrap
Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros - Coma Girl

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  • from the old site... Ed 07/17/06 12:23 AM Not bad, especially the Rilo Kiley. Look forward to hearing future episodes. Chris 08/07/06 11:39 AM Good show mate, late I comment I know, but better late than never! Look - it\'s little Tommy Cruise! Let me know when you want me to \"push\" your show, like a pimp pusherman. And I will. Toodle Pip! MrNeurotica 08/18/06 08:22 PM Hi Matt, Great debut show, and very inventive! My favourite bit, and a definite laugh out loud moment - the \"My Dad made this\" bit. Liked little Tommy Cruise also. Who\'d have thought you\'d chose music I like too...we must be getting old! Mr N.

    posted by: Mat on 2006-10-01 16:53:00

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