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Hyde Pod Corner Show #2 - Victorian Leg Transplants Show 2. All the fun of the fair, dancing for everyone, insurance needs, Victorian Leg Transplants, police appeal and more. Not much more. That just about covered it, but a bit more. And good music. Of course.

music (from the podsafe music network)
Alessio Zara - 'BABABLUETANGO'
Emit - 'Argument Amnesiac'
Judith Owen - 'Train Out of Hollywood' featuring Keb M
Inkwell - 'Just Take The Monkey and Leave'
Jim Fidler -'A Pair Of Brown Eyes'
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  • from the old site... Emit 08/11/06 09:36 AM Hi, thanks for choosing our track to play in your latest podcast! We\'re playing at Hoxton Lux bar (hoxton square, nr. old street) on Monday 28th (bank holiday) pop down and say hello! cheers Rob/Emit Chris 08/11/06 02:57 PM Great show Matt. Your personality is coming through geezer, and your style it be formin\'. Looking forward to the next one G! uncle mr the 08/13/06 08:36 PM that alessio zara track is da shiznit. you knows what i\'m saying. props to scout. that is one fine victoria regina right there Mr Neurotica 08/18/06 08:24 PM Another good um...favourite bit was the Celine Dion police skit! Looking forward to the next one. Mr N. Little Katie 09/19/06 07:11 PM Hi Matt Rob downloaded the show for me, so thought I\'d better give it a listen, plus I\'m a student again so I\'ve got a lot of time on my hands! Anyway, I thought you\'d appreciate the opinion of a young person, but you\'ll have to make do with mine instead. I love your music choices and I look forward to hearing more. K Mat Hyde 09/22/06 12:27 PM Hey K! Glad you like the show, or the music at least. ;) Being a student AGAIN strikes of madness, but good luck with it all the same. Thanks for the comment. Mat

    posted by: Mat on 2006-10-01 16:56:00

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