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Hyde Pod Corner Show #3 - British Empire Pictures

Show 3. Casino card counting, guilt free meat, British Empire Pictures remaking movies for a more British palette, Little Tommy Cruise finds 'That Mystery Dog Cartoon' and more besides. Quite a bit more this time. Mostly chatty stuff.

music (from the podsafe music network)
MSFF - 'Mr Grimbaldiston'
Casino Royal - 'Accountants Colleague'
Slow Gherkin - 'Trapped Like Rats In Myers Flats'
Lunar Drive - 'All Eyes Were Stones'
deferred sucess - 'Lifes too fast'

and I didn't play
Apocalypse Dowell - 'Kyle Dragon Ash'

and I talked about the band Emit again.

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  • Apocalypse Dowell 09/07/06 02:28 PM Thanks for not playing my song! I really enjoyed not hearing it. Mat Hyde 09/07/06 02:56 PM You\'re very welcome. :) If there\'s a general interest in it I may play it regardless because it\'s a fine little number. Cheers for the comment. Chris 09/08/06 10:38 AM Another great show mat(e). Loved the music, some excellent tunes in there - you don\'t mind if I like them all do you? ;) Also: loved, loved LOVED the star wars for the british palette - classic piece of comedy Mat. Ciao Benson, Chris. Mat Hyde 09/08/06 12:00 PM Cheers mate. I can just about live with other people liking the same music as me. :) Glad you LOVED the \'War in the Stars\' bit. I think it works pretty well. The most voices I\'ve ever done in a sketch. Also REALLY glad I got the Norman Wisdom done in one take. Laters Maters MSFF 09/10/06 11:34 PM Thanks for playing our track, we\'re hoping the new stuff will be ready pretty soon, I think you\'ll like it and hopefully play some more. Love the sketches, all had LOL moments, P.S. I think you did OK with the West Midland accents, though why someone from Black Heath would be working with someone from Gornal and Netherton is a little puzzling ??? Mat Hyde 09/11/06 12:52 PM It\'s always a pleasure to play good music and I\'m sure I\'ll be playing more of yours. Glad you\'re enjoying the sketches. The Midlands query is something that we may never know, but I\'ve told Arthur C. Clarke and he said he\'d look into it. uncle mr the Tuesday 03:28 PM EMIT? Aren\'t they the new Goat?

    posted by: Mat on 2006-10-01 16:58:00

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