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Hyde Pod Corner Show #4 - The Science and Philosphy of Cher Show 4- Competative Aussie goes to the village fete, adverts for free language CDs in magazines and my guest professor tells us of the science and philosophy of Cher.

music (from the podsafe music network)
Red Planet - 'Heather Jones'
Funkspiel - 'Matthau'
Emit - 'Siberia' (emit on myspace)
Neurotica - 'Potato Face'

ps. Emit got back to me. Next gig 18th October. Check their site.
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  • Fanking U 4 givin\' \'tato Face his podcast day-bew. Fought the reckwests 2 the songs woz reet gud, as was zee \"preetend there\'s a hiden trak but really their isn\'t\" blank 5 minnites @ the end. :-) Mr N.

    posted by: Mr Neurotica on 2006-10-03 10:21:00

  • Glad you liked the show and appreciated the \'thinking time\' I deliberately added at the end. ;)

    posted by: Mat on 2006-10-04 10:46:00

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