Comedy, music and chat spilled from a British brain into your ears.
Hyde Pod Corner #19 - Hyde Pod Xmas 2 A slightly sweary audio Christmas card for the festive season. A bit of chat and a few funny bits. A trip to the farmers market, an advert for perfume and a vist from 3 ghosts. Merry Xmas.

Music from the podsafe music network.

Craig Cardiff - Country Road Christmas
Bubble - Christmas Here on Mars
Mindy Smith - Santa Will Find You

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Hyde Pod Corner #18 - Sponsored by Quanzise A sponsored show with a nice little Spice Girls album in it.

All music from the podsafe music network

Never Gonna Taste Like That Again - Parallax Project
Salt - Deidre Rodman
Red Carpet - Fern
Song to be me - asleep.
God Damn You're Beautiful - Delphinium Blue

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HydePod Corner #17 - Halloween Lovecraft Special Halloween Lovecraft Special. A big chunk of HP Lovecraft inspired comedy in with other stuff. A bit of the Doctor, Listen with Cthulhu, a taste from space, Saw, crystal terror, geometry, Maze of Terror and a full tonne of chat.

Thanks to Sumit for theramin on the the tase from space and Jack for his Dalek impression.

Music from the podsafe music network.
Learn to Die – magnifier
Footsteps - All myfaults
Just Run – Ben Base
I wanna be you – Salt Lick Kitty
Familiar Taste of Blood - Rachel Kann

And I mention Simon’s podcast over at

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Hyde Pod Corner #16 - London II My first sequel. Part 2 of show 6. We Are London brings you tourist news, ancient cooking, restaurant reviews and science all from the Capital of the country formerly known as Great.

Music from the podsafe music network
Night Bus – Tris McCall
Sweetest Nectar – Punam Vermer
Things That Make You Happy – The Eisenhowers
Scientist Girl – The North Atlantic
Sloop – Cybster DJ

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Hyde Pod Corner #15- Dear Diary A little catch up of goings on in the Hyde Pod. Including experimental jazz, air racing, Transformers, Prince, Dali, Sweden and fishing. It's all go.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network
Gray Hills – Radio Orphans
Just go out with me - Justin Winokur
Moongate - Captain T
Spa - Johnny Socko (on Asian Man Records)
Preaching to Stones live - Broken Sleep
overexposed - the Parlotones
Belly Roller coaster - LPG

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I got reviewed on the Podfinder UK video cast.
"This show really is a breath of fresh air as it provides you with some genuine laughs and some genuine entertainment."

Hurray! They liked it! Rawk!
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Hyde Pod Corner #14- Busy, Busy, Busy Life gets busy again. Drinking, socialising and a big slice of life. Adverts for Alchemyohol and holidays you won't forget. Plus a little taste of what this show wasn't with the American Revolution. Plus plenty of chat and even a film review.

PLUS... your new favourite song.

most of the music from the podsafe music network

After Touch - Eye to
Cade - Kiss me I’m falling
Greendome n Sheck - Living in Dreams
Al Phillip and the Woo Team - American Gothic Life
Polysics - Married to a Frenchman (on Asian Man Records)

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Hyde Pod Corner#13 - Star Wars, an indulgence My little Star Wars 30th anniversary piece. A recap for those unfamiliar, Star Wars music, a Lost Soundtrack (recorded over a year ago, blimey) and whats happening on Endor. Plus more.

Music from the podsafe music network
Spun Rivals - Coffee breath
Catgut - Badger Girl
My Toys Like Me - All over my face
Red Light Go - Funny little dance
BETR - Nicks Dust

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Hyde Pod Corner Show #12 - The Genius of Hank Shelley No one can have a musical conversation without the name Hank Shelley popping up within the first 2 minutes. We salute his genius.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network
And I go on about my mate Jane's blog

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Hyde Pod Corner Show #11 - The Olden Days Broadcasting Live from a recording in the olden days of history in times past. A good man is on trial, dress like a pirate, news at mizzen and a trailer for a unique crime fighting duo.

music from the podsafe music network

The Ragged Crow - Dust Rhinos
Fast Reels - Joe O'Conner
Tears - Marie Crehan
Bach Prelude to Suite 1 - Cello Journey
Molecular Love - The General and Duchess Collins

plus a thanks to Rob and Sumit for helping out.

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Hyde Pod Corner Show #10 - Piles of Boxes Surrounded by boxes full of stuff. Music, movies, books, toys and monsters. Whatever next?

music from the podsafe music network

Spiral Stairs - How To Kill Giant Vampire Mutants (Cpt.)
A Love Like Pi - I am a Soldier
Jamie Affolk -English Garden
Big Strides - Strangely Inclined
The Undercover Hippy - People say jazz

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Hyde Pod Corner Show #9 - Fidgety Too much going on. Tricky to keep your mind on one thing. A comedy heavy show.

music from the podsafe music network

caffeine kill - Sonic
The Eisenhowers - and consequently
Infrabuse - Guns Save Lives
The Parlotones - Louder than bombs
akatsuki - We Must Burgle

and I mention the AndyCast 'cos I think it's good

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Hyde Pod Corner Show #8 - White Rabbits Happy New 2007. Plenty of music with slices of comedy. Get your booze from Alchemyohol, Spare a thought for those less fortunate, Leonardo built my shed and Cecil Sasqbuatch is the name you can trust. So there.

music from the podsafe music network

Hot Wigs - Feeling Little
Izzie Voodoo featuring MOA - Nouchiflow
Talulah Gosh - Steaming Train
Cling - Slipping Away Of the Darkness ReMix
Curiosity Shop - It Helps to Keep the Rain Off
The Real Estate Agents - Octave by Octave

and Cecil Sasqbuatch first appeared in a sketch I did for the kaflooey podcast

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