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Hyde Pod Xmas 3 A bit of festive fun with a Christmas poem and a newsflash. Jolly good stuff with lots of music and chat about gigs and the X-Factor. And I only swear once (I think) but it’s a good one. Merry Xmas, one and all.

Music from the podsafe music network.

The Priscillas -  One ChristmasWish
Oppenheimer - Christmas /Baby Please Come Home/
The Savage Nomads - Christmas Shopping
Jonathon Couton – Chiron Beta Prime

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Hyde Pod Corner # 30 - Doctor Who 45th Anniversary Special Doing my bit for the 45th anniversary of the first broadcast of British Sci-Fi serial Doctor Who. A little background, a bit about sci-fi, lots of Doctors and even why it's not like Star Trek. Also a Quantum of Solace review. Comedy, chat and music. Beat that!

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

The Dials - Dead Beat
Momo-J - Smoke Filling Car
Nortec Collective - Tijuana Sound Machine
Minor Leagues - Scene It All Before
Abdoujaparov - Emergency Medical Hologram
Jonathon Coulton - I Crush Everything

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Hyde Pod Corner #29 - Halloween Stephen King Special Spooking it up for Halloween with a Stephen King theme. A trailer for a great new King movie classic, book publishing, Castle Rock Realtors and a trip to a cemetery. Plenty of chat and  plenty of good music (with a little bad music).

Music from the Podsafe Music Netowork.

Black Velvet Elvis  - Fly King Funky
British Sea Power  - No Lucifer
Heavenly  - Me and My Madness
45 King - Pyramid, the Sammy Bananas Remix
Mat Hyde  - You Want to Get Out of Here?

and I mention Chris' Juice Feast over at

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HPC Yaflookey Special The team up most people didn't know they were waiting for. Hyde Pod Corner meets Kaflooey in an explosion of dithering babble, giggling fits and the occasional burst of expletives, in a good way. Plus a little culture, an American announcement and an advert for smellies. All good stuff.

with music from

Parlour Steps - Thieves of Memory
Orca - fjullini standa uti
Subtronics - Bushwhacked
I am Three - Burning me.
Yoshida Brothers - Overland blues
Bloc Party - The Prayer

Some of which are from the Podsafe Music Network

And we mention Clever Little Pod, the BagsAndBoardsPodcast, Digital Planet, This Week in Tech, Comicology and Rogic.

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Hyde Pod Corner #27 - Olympics More podcastery, this time all about the Olympic Games, including how to spot tomorrow’s stars, the best ever Olympians, how to improve the Games, a bit of genuine commentary and even a couple for adverts for exercise and weight gain/loss.

Massive amount of chat covering The Dark Knight, Get Loaded in the Park, the American Presidential candidates and the Nike Human race. It’s over 25 minutes of banter so you may want to bring a bottle of water.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Curiosity Shop - She’s got my darts
Marine Research - Glamour Gap
Panda Kopanda - Ocean of Fire
Blue Meanies - Acceleration 5000
The Bright Side - Going Green

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Hyde Pod Corner #26 - Ketchup Back at last and playing ketchup. Chat about Silent Disco, the Midlands, Latitude Festival and a movie round up. There’s even an advert for the scariest movie of all time, possibly.

Izzie Voodoo - Play Bomb
Little Glitches - 1,2,3
Morhpeena - I Wasn't Born This Irritated
Heads Hearts - We Are The Entertainers
Alkaline Trio - Trouble Breathing ( on )

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Hyde Pod Corner #25 - Modern Fears A little chat on a few modern fears, a trip to get a burger, ads for a new album of divas and a fishing magazine. Sounds hot huh?

Also a mega epilogue. 25 minutes including the Telectroscope, an Incredible Hulk review, a catch up on MySpace and a bit more.

Music by

Benni & the Clemsons - Hymn for Rizlas
Subliminal Girls - Self Obsession is an art form,
Greg McDonald - Dead Man's Hand.
Abdoujaparov - Fish Face
The Helmholtz Resonators - LaLa

plus I mention
Big Strides
Jerk Alert
Caffeine Kill
The Eisenhowers
Little Glitches
Buck Brothers

And Simon's new comics podcast and blog

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Hyde Pod Corner # 24 - Movie Round Up A movie review show for a change. Catching up on Iron Man, Doomsday, Speed Racer and Indiana Jones.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Electric Lady Dancer - Electrobuddah
I Love the Way We Fall Apart - Led Man
Drug Racer - Buddard
Cleansing Cut and Scrape - Short Round
apart from
Ragbag Song - Penny Broadhurst
which came via Steve and last FM

clips of Iron Man by Rahzel

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Hyde Pod Corner # 23 - Dumb A show about things I don't understand. Things I just don't get. About me being dumb. Plus adverts for banking and hair.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Electric Love - Reactor
Nerve Pixies - James Consterdine
Cryptozoology - Gravity Horse
Nurses for Sale - Jerk Alert
Holes - Emit

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Hyde Pod Corner #22 - Snowcast, Runcast, Movecast We're back. All you'd ever need to know about snowboarding, distance running and moving house. Apart from any details of course. Or if you'd like to learn anything. With adverts for Sat Nav, safe children  and Vocal Therapy, Italian rock music and Mat Hyde's Amateur Guide to Snowboarding.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Fresh Snow in the Valley - Derek K Miller
Let’s get Nice - Big Strides
Marathon - Loving the Sun
Moving Stuff - Open Trench
Trendsetter la la la - love = action

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Hyde Pod Corner #21 - SMUT A risque one. Slightly more piquante than usual. More smut. With adverts for a guide to love making and a way to earn extra cash along with a lovely childrens story, some nature TV and the return of an old favourite or two. Even a couple of movie reviews in the chatty bit.

Music from the podsafe music network

48 Crushes - Eve Massacre
Booty Voodo - Lee Coulter
Stir Your Pot - Carey Bell at Alligator Records
Girl on TV - Bradley
Skullcrusher Mountain - Jonathan Coulton

and I mention Craig Jack's podcast and Simon

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Hyde Pod Corner #20 - King Tut's January Sale Back in action shopping and more than you ever wanted to know about Tutankhamen. Even a bit of hypnotism.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Egypt Sample - Arkenhaten.
A Sign In Egypt - Messian Dread
Far Away from Near - Minus Vince
Big Balloon - Ezra Thomas
Dance Like a Cowboy - cjacks

and I mention James' podcast The North South Divide

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