Comedy, music and chat spilled from a British brain into your ears.
Hyde Pod Xmas 4 Another festive mouthful of comedy, music and chat from the Hyde Pod. Adverts for a new point of sale device, Christmas Wreckorations and Yule Logs plus two special guests, one of whom is real! Chat about Carter USM, Regina Spektor, a film review of Where the Wild Things Are, birthdays and Christmas. A Christmas stocking of a podcast filled to the brim.

music from and Low by permission of the band and management.

Goldblade featuring Poly Styrene - City Of Christmas Ghosts
Lorenzo's Music - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Low - Just Like Christmas
A Band Called Quinn - Its Christmas Time
Twisted Sister - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Plus lots of bits for Irregular Shed's beds, most notably his own 'shitty Jingle Bells'

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Hyde Pod Corner # 40 - Hell's Review Yes it's late. More Halloweenery from the Hyde Pod. A bit of Anne Rice, a management review in Hell, Teenage vampire and a roundup of Horror's final scores. Chat including a review of Mesrine: Public Enemy Number 1, drinks and Morrissey.

Music from and Pola Negri

Los Griswolds - Im In Hell
High Lord - Back From Hell
Pola Negri - My Blood
Emit - Stereo Love (now Larches)
Manic Street Preachers - Autumn Song

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Hyde Pod Corner #39 - London III Comedy and music all about what's happening in London, in my mind. News, dangers to DJs, the joys af anarchy, the next big thing in music and a sports round up. Adverts for newspapers, , a s cience magazine and shop for those who don't know what they want. We Are London!

All music from

the Bridge Gang - London Sky Tonight demo
Stepford Wives - Crikey! Dickie Van Dikey
Bari Koral - One Room Castle
Krill - Pass the Pepper
Matthew Ebel - Trees

and I mention kalfooey and comicimpact.

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Hyde Pod Corner #38 - Wheat is Whurder A mystery of crop circles and adverts for food and drink, it’s all happening in very short show that really isn’t. Chat about Transformers, Disneyland, Sumit’s Wedding, a devil worshipper, a dead giraffe and Ben and Jerry’s Sundae in the Park. Simply brimming with stuff.

Music from

Munk - Got it Real (with the Feel).
Jonathan Coulton - Bacteria
REDSKA - non stare ad ascoltare
Antique Curtains - My Western Holiday
Los Campesinos - We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives

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Hyde Pod Corner #37 - TV Channel hopping through the magic of television with a few comedy sketches amidst the wonderment.

Plenty of chat about wildlife, bands and running. Life huh?

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Tim Armstrong - Hold On
Rotoscope  - Watershed
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Cutie Pie
Bold Headed Broadcast Ted Stevens techno remix - Tubes
Pola Negri (Vegetables At Last) - If You Say So
from Formula on

along with a few snippets of There's Nothing on TV by Squishy

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Hyde Pod Corner #36 - This 'n That A jumble of stuff from the Hyde Pod, celebrity directors in TV, Weepnow Entertainment and film reviews for Wolverine and Star Trek. There’s even a chat about all the busy, gigs, running and life. It’s all go.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Uncrowned – Queen of  New York
Amber Ojeda  - Hype Love
Tiger Lillies - Love and War
Alan Cowsill - Storm Damage.
los campesinos – This is How You Spell HaHaHa We Destroyed the Hopes and Dreams of a Generation of Faux Romantics, on

and I mention Simon from Comic Impact

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Hyde Pod Corner #35 - Past the Tell By Date Some jokes have missed the time they should have been told. They’re past the tell by date. Well they’re coming back. Here’s a full century of semi-satire and things that might have been funny at the time. Hopefully a few still raise a smile. A decade-by-decade trip through the 20th Century with a couple of giggles along the way and the usual music and chat finish. This lot of chat includes reviews of Let The Right One in and In The Loop.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Aphrodisiacs - The hour is late but please consider.
Green Room - Spy Beats
Fire Apes - Tuesday’s fine.
AjT - Magic GB Jazz
Lascivious Biddies - Odd Bird
Bangguru – Wanna Dance

and Antique Curtains - My Western Holiday

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Hyde Pod Corner #34 - Fight! The answer to the ultimate question: who is the greatest martial arts fighter ever from the beginning of time!

Scientifically proven in imaginary fights both set and judged by my old friend Rob and me. There can be only one! I also do a quick Watchmen review.


All Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Yoko Utsumi - Neji
Disciples of Panic Earth - Newtons 3rd
Boo Boo Davis - Standing In The Cottonfiels
lo-fez beagle chowder(Chris Payne)- Not About Bob
The Undercover Hippy - The soul waits
son of the beat - hell-o-moto-rola

and I mention the Watchmen review that I'm part of at Comic Impact

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Hyde Pod Corner #33 - Alpine Adventure Downhill holiday action with plenty of vacation chat. Adverts for a holiday away from yourself, the ultimate in après ski, the perfect slope and ski holidays for non skiers. It’s all good.

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

The Shapes - Bordeaux.
Fran Betlyon - Oh-La-la.
the Parlotones  - Beautiful
subimage - hardwire.
DJ Dax Vs Born 2 B - The Return of the Boogie (DJ controlled weirdness dirty break mix)

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Hyde Pod Corner # 32 - UnWrapped Podcasting into 2009 and enjoying some new Xmas prezzies, including a Tarantino album and a translation dictionary. I even have a moan about sad movies and do a massive epilogue about stuff, including contacting aliens, of all things.

los campesinos - Death to Los Campesinos, on
Drag Your Heels - Chase You
Alan Cowsill - Falling For You and you can contact him at
The Pepper Box - Lily’s Dress
Erika Jayne - Rollercoaster

Some music from the podsafe music network

And me playing Uke badly and singing the wrong words out of tune is on Youtube

and I mention

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