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Hyde Pod Xmas 5

A last minute Xmas rush. A shop for a festive computer game and a look at what's on the tree, plus plenty of chat about Winter Wonderland, snow and Tron Legacy.

music from

Modern Science - Funky Xmas
Gidgets Ga-Ga - Christmas Wish
Lee Harris and Country Sunshine - Are You Ready for Christmas?
The Rev Jimmie Bratcher  - Man Its Christmas
Munk - Just Stockings On

with a little of A Fistful of We Three Kings by The High Balls

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Hyde Pod Corner #49 - Steven Seagal IS...

A cavalcade of facts and unfacts about the man who IS... Steven Seagal. Even a bit of chat about nothing in particualr.

Music from

Elvis - These New Puritans
Im in Love with a Navajo Boy - Lunar Drive
How's It Gonna End - Tom Waits
Coz I'm Kahsay - Kahsay
Stab City - As Tall As Lions

PLUS back ground music from Aardvark

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Hyde Pod Corner #48 - Halloween Special - Bananageddon and Other Terrifying True Stories

Halloween again and I'm throwing a few fact based fears your way, along with some top tunes, a couple of which are really long. Some chat as well about hellish art and Tron Legacy.

Music from


plus advert music by 2006 Pl@stic Soul

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Hyde Pod Corner #47 - Better Or Worse Than It Sounds

Let's calibrate and check out a few things that are a lot better, or a lot worse than they sound like they should be. I check out mail order toys, travel a bit, eat this and that and let you know about a few movies. There's even a bit of chat about the Steig Larsson books.

music from

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Hyde Pod Corner #46 - In the 21st Century

After being blown off course my podcast wakes up in the 21st Century! I learn about life in this new age! Plus plenty of chat including reviews of Predators, The Last Airbender and Inception.

music from

Friendly Fires - Paris
Munroe (formerly Urban Spacelab) - Nightmare Boy
Coltrane Motion - Supersexy '67
Science Groove - Hooray for NMR spectroscopy!
Rilo Kiley - Science vs Romance

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Hyde Pod Corner #45 - Democracy

Democracy by phone vote. The nation decides it's own laws without the need of government. A skewed view on politics from the Hyde Pod. A bit of chat which includes a review of Iron Man 2.

Music from

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Hyde Pod Corner # 44 - Food!

Concentrating on tasty food covering how to cook, celebrity chefs, likes and dislikes, the language of food and uninvited food with adverts to enhance your flavour, get more veg and even a scientific approach to eating. Extended chat/rant about Avatar and Alice in Wonderland.

Music from

xtt - CookieMonster

Funkspiel - Dead Bunnies

The Alice Project - BIG FISH

4 and 20 blackbirds - Song of Sixpence

Brooklyn Poodles - Raisins

Catgut - A girl in a pub


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Hyde Pod Corner # 43 - A Team to Save the World

Which actors do we need to defend the earth? Teaming up with my friend Rav to select a team of movie stars with a pedigree in saving the world. We go disaster by disaster to hand pick our perfect defense team.

Music from and Pola Negri

The Aggrolites - Mister Misery
Invisigoth - A Beautiful Disaster
Matchbook Romance  - You Can Run, But We' ll Find You
LPG - Fire
Pola Negri - The Planets



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Hyde Pod Corner # 42 - Talking Out Of My Hat

Talking on subjects without the benefit of knowledge. An uneducated ramble about cars, make up and sport. There's even an advert for wigs.

Chat includes a bit about the Dr Who Xmas specials and a little movie moan.


Music from and the Minor Leagues


Lokata - I dont believe there's snow in London

Minor Leagues - Until then

Make Up - Born on the Floor

Caribou - Sandy

Cellophane Rain - Orchid



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