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Hyde Pod Corner # 44 - Food!

Concentrating on tasty food covering how to cook, celebrity chefs, likes and dislikes, the language of food and uninvited food with adverts to enhance your flavour, get more veg and even a scientific approach to eating. Extended chat/rant about Avatar and Alice in Wonderland.

Music from

xtt - CookieMonster

Funkspiel - Dead Bunnies

The Alice Project - BIG FISH

4 and 20 blackbirds - Song of Sixpence

Brooklyn Poodles - Raisins

Catgut - A girl in a pub


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Hyde Pod Corner # 43 - A Team to Save the World

Which actors do we need to defend the earth? Teaming up with my friend Rav to select a team of movie stars with a pedigree in saving the world. We go disaster by disaster to hand pick our perfect defense team.

Music from and Pola Negri

The Aggrolites - Mister Misery
Invisigoth - A Beautiful Disaster
Matchbook Romance  - You Can Run, But We' ll Find You
LPG - Fire
Pola Negri - The Planets



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