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Hyde Pod Xmas 5

A last minute Xmas rush. A shop for a festive computer game and a look at what's on the tree, plus plenty of chat about Winter Wonderland, snow and Tron Legacy.

music from

Modern Science - Funky Xmas
Gidgets Ga-Ga - Christmas Wish
Lee Harris and Country Sunshine - Are You Ready for Christmas?
The Rev Jimmie Bratcher  - Man Its Christmas
Munk - Just Stockings On

with a little of A Fistful of We Three Kings by The High Balls

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Hyde Pod Corner #49 - Steven Seagal IS...

A cavalcade of facts and unfacts about the man who IS... Steven Seagal. Even a bit of chat about nothing in particualr.

Music from

Elvis - These New Puritans
Im in Love with a Navajo Boy - Lunar Drive
How's It Gonna End - Tom Waits
Coz I'm Kahsay - Kahsay
Stab City - As Tall As Lions

PLUS back ground music from Aardvark

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