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Hyde Pod Corner #54 - The Search for Mat

Podcaster Mat Hyde has gone missing, so Cecil Sasqbwatch hires the greatest detectives to find him again. Where has he gone? Why have there been no podcasts? A mystery to be solved. Plus some chat about this and that.

Music from

The Crash Moderns - Where Did All The Scene Girls Go (
The Mome Raths - I get lost
Mark Christopher  - Searching
Circus Envy - Going Nowhere
The Sharmills - Dreamy Escapades
Blues in the Bardo - Lost Ghost

JC Cassis - Everybody's Crazy in New York

3 Blind Mice - Jack & Billy

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Hyde Pod Corner #53 - Guide to Commuting (part 2)

More tips for getting around the capital, with a strong sense of sarcasm, skepticism and a certain amount of pluck and gumption. This time I look art buses, boats, the DLR and whatever else grabs my fancy. Also adverts for a great guide book, a chauffeur opportunity, get to work for a sandwich, and Travel Buddy!

Music from Mevio's

Tris McCall - The Night Bus

Charlie Hartwell - What Happens of the Bus, Stays on the Bus    

Cybster DJ - Tube    

KunK - Public Image Ltd

Brassneck - Too Much, Too Drunk    

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Hyde Pod Corner #52 - Guide to Commuting (part 1)

The Hyde Pod's top tips for getting around the capital, with thoughts about coffee, picking seats on a train, the rules of escalators, and upping you chances of getting a seat on a tube. Also adverts for hybrid cars, a quicker way to commute, a new home and getting more room when you travel.

music from mevio's

East Of Ealing - Last train to Dublin

Colie Brice - Guided by Voices

Monkeyshine - Ride the Crazy Train

Bettye LaVette - Let Me Down Easy

Emergency Bitter - Sold My Soul (demo)

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Hyde Pod Corner #51 - Little Slices of Happiness

Looking at the little things that brighten your day for a moment or two, including a pelican crossing, coffee and the Blur barrier. Also adverts for running mash ups and a new phone.

music from

Los Campesinos - My Year in Lists

Pocketful Of Camels - Eyes Wide Open

adrienne pierce - One Perfect Day

Blaggards  - Irish Rover

The Naked Strangers - Throw It All Away Now

Unsung National Heroes - What Neil and Sarah Said

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