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Hyde Pod Corner #57 - Halloween! Classic Monsters

A quick Halloween look at Vampires, Werewolves and Frankenstein, with a touch of zombie chat thrown in for good measure.

Music from Mevio

The Eisenhowers - Mr and Mrs Frankenstein
Aloud - Sometimes I Feel Like A Vampire
Rusty Springfield - Werewolf
Jambalaya Brass Band - Voodoo Queen

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Hyde Pod Corner #56 - National Anthems, and Which is the Best?

A light hearted look at a few national anthems, taking them apart and looking at what they say about their country. Also adverts for free power and knowledge.

Music from

DreadDaze - Running Around the World
mydols - Roller Derby Queen
E. Grizzly - Anthem to the entrepenuer
Bill Grogans Goat - South Australia
Johnny Socko - Spa

with clips of

O Canada - Danny Fong, Brodie Cuff, David Thiessen, Andrew Kesler
The Star Spangled Banner - Bree Noble

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Hyde Pod Corner #55 – the Hallowismas Comeback Special

Back after a two year break! That's two Xmas's and two Halloween's to catch up on. Find out how to really stop zombies, a George Washington Xmas, Horror choreography and a Pagan Xmas sitcom. That and a good load of chat (it's been ages!)

Some of the music

Emergency Bitter - Wake Up
Zombie Met Girl - Basement New Party Psychosis
Mind Map That - please don't wish me a merry Christmas
Izzie Voodoo – Killers
Juan Oskar - Cumbia de Tannenbaum/O Xmas Tree
We Grow Beards - Conchies
Erica Nockalls – It's Killer, Darling

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