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Hyde Pod Corner #53 - Guide to Commuting (part 2)

More tips for getting around the capital, with a strong sense of sarcasm, skepticism and a certain amount of pluck and gumption. This time I look art buses, boats, the DLR and whatever else grabs my fancy. Also adverts for a great guide book, a chauffeur opportunity, get to work for a sandwich, and Travel Buddy!

Music from Mevio's

Tris McCall - The Night Bus

Charlie Hartwell - What Happens of the Bus, Stays on the Bus    

Cybster DJ - Tube    

KunK - Public Image Ltd

Brassneck - Too Much, Too Drunk    

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Hyde Pod Corner #52 - Guide to Commuting (part 1)

The Hyde Pod's top tips for getting around the capital, with thoughts about coffee, picking seats on a train, the rules of escalators, and upping you chances of getting a seat on a tube. Also adverts for hybrid cars, a quicker way to commute, a new home and getting more room when you travel.

music from mevio's

East Of Ealing - Last train to Dublin

Colie Brice - Guided by Voices

Monkeyshine - Ride the Crazy Train

Bettye LaVette - Let Me Down Easy

Emergency Bitter - Sold My Soul (demo)

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